Santini melhores gelados Lisboa, artesanal, à italiana, ingredientes exclusivamente nacionais. Santini


Without a doubt these are the best ice creams in the Greater Lisbon area. They were first produced in Estoril in the 1940s by Attilio Santini (a native of Italy, naturally), who later moved to Cascais. From there, in the decades that followed, his fame spread far and wide. Today, decades later, Santini ice creams are still made by hand, in line with Italian tradition, to secret recipes – some of them with exclusively Portuguese ingredients. A tip: if you like wafer biscuit, order yours in a cone – the recipe for which is also exclusive.

Time Out says “We at Time Out have never hidden our passion for Santini ice creams. Long before the original parlour was renovated, long before it opened a branch in Lisbon, we were describing these ice creams as making it well worth braving the Sunday queues in Cascais.”