Lisbon’s most authentic American hamburgers

The city has plenty of burger joints and trying to pick the best one can entail endless argument, except when anyone cites Ground Burger, which has just joined the Time Out Market family.

It opened its doors on one of Lisbon’ busiest avenues, at a time when hamburger places were popping up around town like mushrooms. But Caroline and Gunnar Eng – she is Brazilian, he is Norwegian – had been mulling over the idea of opening a burger bar in Portugal for some time, more or less since a holiday they took in the US. At the time Atlanta was seen as one of the US cities with the best hamburgers. They made a point of sampling pretty much all of them, even when it meant queuing for an hour and a half. They were won over and spent the next two years visiting American, British and Swedish burger bars before opening Ground Burger in Lisbon in April of 2015. The authentically American hamburgers served at Ground Burger were quick to win over locals, including Time Out’s food critics, who gave the place five stars for its 150g burger patties made from certified meat from Black Angus cattle – one of the world’s best and most sought-after breeds – and for the American burger buns, made every day in house, the crispy bacon, and the delicious chips with garlic and rosemary. They claim to offer Lisbon’s most American hamburgers. “The trick is to use the best ingredients and do everything people do at home in the US, that is, be as much of a purist as possible,” says Luís Figueira of Ground Burger. “The 100% Black Angus beef is all minced in the restaurant, the American-style buns are our own recipe, the pickles and sauces are all made to recipes devised from scratch. The Ground Burger sauce alone has over 30 ingredients on a smoked base and takes eight hours to make.” They have brought all the hamburgers on the menu into the Time Out Market as well as the famous chips with garlic and rosemary, but also the quality of service that makes them stand out. “We want to be the same here in the Market and in the original restaurant,” Figueira insists. Only the original restaurant, with its view of the Gulbenkian Foundation gardens, also offer onion rings, artisanal beers and milkshakes, but all the hamburgers on the menu – including the vegetarian one – have come to the Time Out Market, along with the philosophy of “Old School American Burgers”. And you can eat a Ground Burger hamburger here on Sundays, whewhen when the original restaurant is closed.